The Hidden World

The Hidden World was initiated in 1994 by SIFO, since 1954 Sweden's largest private, independent research organization in social research as well as market and opinions research. SIFO forms part of the SIFO Management Group, also a consultancy organization specializing in organizing strategic change processes within client companies and organizations. The group's headquarters are in Stockholm, with offices in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Paris and San Francisco.

The Hidden World is monitored by a scientific advisory committee, the members of which are Dr Michael Maccoby, Washington, DC, chairman, Professor Hans L Zetterverg and Dr Nils Lundgren, Stockholm.

The sponsoring organisations are:

  • The National Swedish Pension Fund (Allmänna Pensionsfonden, 1 3 fondstyrelserna)
  • The National Institute of Publich Health (Folkhälsoinstitutet)
  • County of Stockholm (Länsstyrelsen och Länsarbetsnämnden i Stockholms län, m fl Länsorgan)
  • County of Malmöhus (Länsärbetsnämnden i Malmöhus län)
  • County of Kopparberg (Länsstyrelsen och Länsarbetsnämnden i Kopparbergs län)
  • The National Social Insurance Board (Riksförsäkringsverket)
  • The Swedish Free Enterprise Foundation(Nåringslivets fond)

The Hidden World, Project 1 Psychosocial Consequences of Unemployment, by Barbara Lenkerd, was published in 1995 by City University Press, Stockholm.

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