Leadership For Health Care In the Age of Learning

A Research Project and Dialogue

Michael Maccoby Ph.D., Director
Richard Margolies Ph.D.
Doug Wilson, Ph.D.
Barbara Lenkerd Ph.D.
George Casey

The hypothesis of our research entitled Leadership for Health Care in the Age of Learning is that the management of U.S. health care organizations must create learning organizations to improve quality and control costs. We have started with physician-leaders in exploring with us what are the values, goals, and organization that would inspire them, other health professionals, managers, and patients? Now we are expanding the dialogue to other health care professionals. We believe that managed care has brought a manufacturing model, emphasizing economics, to health care, but we have seen in our consulting work that this model is already in retreat in other industries. What is the ideal health care system that grasps the creative potentials of our era? What is the model of health? What are the emerging elements of a learning mode of production, and how can we nurture and enhance them? As part of the research process, we are studying exemplary health care systems.

The Project received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to begin studying exemplary health care organizations in 1999 and 2000.

Full Project Description

1999 Report to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (html)

54 page Final Report to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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