Sandylee Maccoby

Sandylee Maccoby is a portrait painter and novelist. She is a graduate of Smith College and taught French and Spanish at Georgetown Day School.

Picture of Sandylee Maccoby

The Therapist

by Sandylee Maccoby

explores forbidden love between a charismatic psychoanalyst and a beautiful patient. It takes us into the glittering salons of Boston society, the world of avant garde New York artists, and the politics of Harvard professorships. It is a story of passion and ambition, but, most of all, it is the story of a woman's awakening to self discovery and finding the courage to follow her dreams.

"A page turner on the lives of the rich and the ambitious. We expect to find such astonishing narcissism in bankers, not therapists! Maccoby reminds us that power politics is everywhere."
-Katie Lee Weille, Ph.D., author of Making Sense of Parenthood

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