Psychosocial Consequences of Unemployment

A background study

The Hidden World Project 1

by Barbara Lenkerd
City University Press, Sweden, 1995
ISBN: 91-7562-072-3

This survey of the research on the effect of unemployment provides a start for The Hidden World Study that will explore how individuals in Sweden cope with unemployment and how others can best help them to succeed.

Dr. Lenkerd's critical review of the research focusses us on individuals. How do they deal with unemployment? In this period of industrial transformation, it is unlikely that solutions will be found through government alone. Rather, public agencies and volunteer organizations can provide opportunities for people who take the major responsibility for helping themselves by learning new sills and actively pursuing opportunities to be productive. Furthermore, government can ease bureaucratic regulations that may inhibit people from starting new business or non-profit organizations.

Dr. Michael Maccoby wrote the preface.

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