Strategic Intelligence: Conceptual Tools for Leading Change

By Michael Maccoby
OXFORD University Press, 2015
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  • Equips leaders, consultants, and students with new conceptual tools for understanding and motivating change
  • Describes elements of personality which aids understanding of partners and collaborators
  • Develops the idea of 'Strategic Intelligence'
  • Describes different types of leadership
  • Provides tools for adaptation and change

Changes in technology, customer demands, competition, and the social character challenge organizations to innovate and change. How they change depends on their leaders, and their knowledge, and philosophy. To create a better future for organizations and to improve the wellbeing of customers, collaborators and communities, leaders need to be strategic thinkers.

This book describes the qualities of strategic intelligence and provides the conceptual tools that equip leaders to improve and transform organizations in the age of knowledge work. These qualities include foresight, visioning, partnering both within and outside the organization, and engaging and motivating collaborators. To develop these qualities, it is necessary to articulate a leadership philosophy and to gain knowledge of systems, variation, personality psychology, and the theory of knowledge. This book uniquely integrates leadership, personality and organization.

Michael Maccoby has almost unparalleled experience of working with organizations in a wide variety of contexts. He draws his insights from several disciplines - organization theory, psychoanalysis, anthropology; and from working with distinguished and pioneer thinkers. These include the psychoanalyst Erich Fromm; the systems theorist Russell Ackoff; and management pioneer W. Edwards Deming.

A major challenge for leadership today is the transformation of traditional bureaucracies into learning organizations. It can't be done by following formulas or roadmaps. Leaders need the qualities and conceptual tools of strategic intelligence and this book shows them what they must do and provides exercises to develop them.

Readership: Managers and consultants, academics, researchers and advanced students of Leadership, Organization, Management and Strategy



What others have said about Strategic Intelligence: Conceptual Tools for Leading Change

Beautifully written, rich in ideas, and thought-provoking.

Judith Spitz

I think this book is great! It is well-written with emphasis on the importance of companies and their employees being open to learning.

Salvatore R. Maddi
Professor of Psychology and Social Behavior University of California, Irvine
Author of Personality Theories

We live in a repeating context of unexpected happenings where the practice of strategic intelligence is always under constant demand.

The next time I am invited to teach undergraduates or graduate students at the universities in Pittsburgh or elsewhere, I will plan to have “Strategic Intelligence” as one of the significant texts to enhance my course on “Leadership Ethics” in a global society.

Carnegie Samuel Calian
President Emeritus, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

This integrates Maccoby’s personal experiences with the general / teachable lessons he derived from them. The two levels play off each other well and keep the book moving along briskly. The whole builds a multi-layered picture of organizations that fully use human capacity.

Charles Heckscher
Professor of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, Rutgers University

This book is a nice summary of Maccoby’s work over several decades but also an additional value added where he adds concepts and tools.

Berth Jönsson
Former HR VP of Volvo

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