Why Work?
Motivating the New Workforce


Second Edition,
Miles River Press, Alexandria, VA 1995.
ISBN: 0-917917-05-7

This new edition of Why Work? provides concepts and logical explanations of how one's personal values determine not only individual differences in motivation at work but also differences in style of work and leadership. Maccoby explores five social character types: the expert, helper, defender, innovator and self-developer.

The book explains how values are shared by each of these types and how these value types cut across gender, time, and culture. Its emphasis on psychological roots of motivation will help readers understand the reasons for their and their co-workers workplace behavior.

The first edition of Why Work was published by Simon and Schuster, Inc., in 1988 and was subtitled: Motivating and Leading the New Generation. This second edition has been extensively revised and new material has been added.

Book Excerpt (prepared for a forum on CompuServe, Fall 1995)

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